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Bwaise floods regularly

flooding brings disease
and death

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Bwaise is a slum suburb of Kampala Uganda.  There are few sewers in Bwaise and with the regular floods from lack of good drainage contaminated water invades houses and businesses.  Bwaise is where the poor of Kampala try to survive.

20 years ago Chris Wilkinson, the President of Esperanza 2006, visited Uganda, for the first time, and met Tom Ngobi who was then a teacher at the Amadat School in the Bwaise Trading Centre.  Tom was the HQ Training Commissioner for the Uganda Scout Association.  At the Amadat School he had organsied  a band which played broken instruments and was already sponsoring 5 child orphans who he had found wandering the streets begging for food.  Somehow, out of his meagre wages, he managed to pay their school fees and feed and cloth them.  But when he met Chris he complained that the children were being badly abused at the school. 

Heavy Corporal Punishment was the rule of the day and some of his children had suffered badly.  Not because the were badly behaved but because they just couldn't keep up with the work expected of them, so they were beaten.


The Amadat School
Education for hundreds, home for many

and Tom's make shift band

More about
the school