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Terms and use

We have all heard the term Screw used for a Prison Officer but here are some slang terms you will hear every day in prison, interspersed with swear words.  The terms and the swear words are used both by Prisons and Prison Officers.


Screw A Prison Officer (abusive)
Boss or Gov The Governor or a Prison Officer to his face.  Used in conversation if you do not know the name of the staff member.
Con Inmate or Prisoner
Pad-Mate The other inmate sleeping in a double cell
Twoed up Sleeping in a double cell
Assoc Association period.  It is free time during which you can watch tv, socialise with friends, go to the library, shower or make a phone call.
Burn Tobacco
Rizla or skins A paper for a roll up cigarette
Canteen Prison Tuck Shop
Poor Copers This is for inmates who are segregated for their protection.  Another phrase used is being on the numbers.

Although poor copers does not mean that they are sex offenders but the mud does stick.

Often Poor Copers have been bullied or have got into debt through drugs.

Nonce A gay man. (abusive)