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All prisons have rules and each prison has its own rules.  These were the ones in my wing.

Rules and Regulations.

All prisoner rules and regulations apply to you.  Some key things to bear in mind are:

You must obey all lawful orders from staff
Do not block the observation panel in your door (spy hole)
Do not wedge your door (You might want to cover the spy hole or wedge your door if you want privacy for legal and illegal purposes)
Do not play music loudly or wire up (wire up means connecting your stereo to the lighting circuit)
Do not use cell bells unnecessarily, they are there for emergencies only (you will never get this right - wrong when you do use the bell, wrong when you don't)
Do not shout or throw rubbish out of your cell window (a joke!)
Do not smoke on the wing except in your cell

Additional Rules

No cups to be taken into the exercise yard (even though Prison Officers can)
Hot water is only allowed at meal times - Flasks at the evening meal only.
You are to use the stairs at the end of the wing to go down and those in the middle to go up.
Slippers are to be worn in your cell only.  Shoes and trainers to be worn out of your cell.  (I never got issued with slippers in my local Prison)
Vests are not to be worn on the wing unless under a shirt.  (I neither got a vest nor a shirt - only a T Shirt)
Pyjamas are not to be worn out of your cell (Never saw them)
If reporting sick in the morning you are to collect your breakfast before you go (If you are lucky you might be able to eat it)
When collecting your meals it is one meal per person.  If you wish to give somebody else your meal you must collect it yourself first and swap it away from the hotplate.
If you have a visit booked you must stay in you cell.  Do not go to gym, work or exercise.
You are not to talk at cell doors at any time.
Smoking is only permitted in your cell (Unless you are a Prison Officer)
When you are on Association you must bring everything out with you that you will need during Association, there are no trips back (Strictly enforced)
When unlocked for Work, Association or Gym you must go straight to the departure area, you are not to wander around talking.
When you are on a visit you must tuck your shirt / Jumper into your Trousers.
Canteen forms are to be completed and must be put in the box at the servery no later than Thursday Breakfast.  No form is accepted after this time.
You are to be out of bed and dressed with your bed made by 9-00am every day.
You are to be dressed correctly at all times while on and off the wing.  This means you will have trousers and shirt / sweat tops on at all times.  Shirts are to be tucked into your trousers.  Trouser legs are not to be pulled up the leg.  Shoes and Trainers are to be worn out of your cell.
Your cell bell is for emergency use only.  It is not a cell bell for enquiries from staff.

These are rules at only one prison and in only one wing.  Rules seemed to vary from wing to wing and from prison to prison.  Although apparently encourage to ask questions of the POs my experience was that they were more concerned with locking me up.  It was never convenient, they didn't know the answer, they would promise an answer the same or next day, but were not on duty then.  Delay, put you offer, being ignorant, defensive, objectionable was the order of the day.

In addition there will be other rules that are posted perhaps in your cell, more likely on the wing notice board.   Break them at your peril even if you don't know the rule in the first place.