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A day's routine

Here is a typical weekday routine from a reception prison - in this case Nottingham.

0715 Unlock for Courts
0740 BREAKFAST and Treatments by application
0800 Doctor's Sick Parade
0840 Inmates to Labour and Education
0900 Visits Commence
1100 Visits Cease
1140 Cease Labour and Education
1155 LUNCH
1340 Inmates to Labour and Education
1400 Visits and Exercise commence
1500 Return from Exercise
1615 Visits Cease
1625 TEA and request applications from landing cleaners
1800 Association (1s and 2s but not First Night Cells / 2s and 4s)
1945 Association ends and fill flasks
2000 Lock Up

The weekend routine was little different except that there were morning and afternoon Visiting Periods and cell cleaning.

Kit Change

Monday Morning 4s landing only
Tuesday morning 3s landing only
Wednesday morning 1s and 2s

It should be noted that the routine is subject to change without notice. 

Sorry, the original actually said "at short notice".  No notice of change was ever given.

Association will not commence until the area around the outside of the wing is tidy. 

This means that anything thrown out by prisoners will have to be cleaned up before cells are unlocked.