wine tasting 25th November 2014

At this evening we tasted Beaujolais Nouveau purchased in Cavavin and Leclerc in Redon.  Our favourite Nouveau was La Reserve du Maitre de Chai Pizay from Cavavin for €5.50.  A really nice drink.

Of the Beaujolais Cru first category ie the lighter Beaujolais Regnie 2012 Chateau de Pizay 2012 from Cavavin, Redon at €7.65 was the favourite though Brouilly 2013 by Anoine Barrier was a close second.  The Brouilly can be obtained from Le Clerc, Redon at €5.50.

In the second category ie the medium Beaujolais the Cote de Brouilly, FRleurie and Saint-Amour were all excellent.

In the third category ie the strong my personal favourite became the favourite of everyone who attended.  Moulin a Vent €8.05 Leclerc.

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