St Jacut Les Pins





St Jacut Les Pins is at the junction of the D153 which runs from Noyal Muzillac to the junction of the D764 between St Vincent sur Oust and Redon and the D137.

The roots of Saint-Jacut-les-Pins are firmly British and come from a 6th-century Saint Jacut, who arrived with the British emigrants as a boy and established a church nearby.  A statue of Saint Jacut exists in the Convent which dominates the centre of the village.  The Parish suffered heavily during the French Revolution. with an estmated drop in the population more than 25%.  Today the village has a population of 1741 (2011).


With a small population of 1741 and many of those are elderley or nuns, the local government provides a wide range of facilities which could not exist in a village of a similar size in the UK.


The Mairie is also in the centre of the Village and incorporates the Post Office which in recent years has suffered from diminishing opening hours.  The commercial facilities of the village include a small supermarket, three bars, a restaurant, a hair dresser and a boulangerie which is rated by people in the area as being one of the best.


The municipality has a medical home, Doctors surgery, a pharmacy and a retirement home which provides for the elderley.


Educationally, the commune has a nursery and primary school (École Saint-Joseph), a medical Institute and a technology high school (ISSAT).


In sporting terms, the municipality has a Sports Hall, and the dynamism of its numerous sports associations (cycling, hiking, running, basketball, football, tennis, motorcycling, water gymnastics, hunting and fishing) and at the edge of the village at La Vacherie a Moto Cross Course to National Standards.  The village also has a camping ground for tents, caravans and motor homes open from 15 June to 15 September.


Finally, on the cultural level, the municipality has a media library (Médiathèque Saint-Jacut-les-Pins) and many associations (theatre, choral, foyer des jeunes).  Espéranza 2006 has its base in St Jacut Les Pins from which it supports the education of African Children.

There is a church with two small chapels.

The village has no public transport other than a taxi company.  The railway station in the village at La Gare has long since closed.  By car, main line rail services are available in Redon (10 minutes away).  Air Travel at Nantes Atlantique Airport and Rennes can be reached in under 90 minutes by car and can also be reached by train.  The port of St Malo is the nearest offering regular services to the UK.  There is rumoured to be a bus which takes folks to the market in Redon on a Monday morning.  I've never seen the bus.

At the eastern end of the village is La Vacherie on the banks of the river Arz.  Look carefully and you can just see the approach road to the ferry which used to take travellers to Redon across the water before the bridge was built. 

Near to La Vacherie is the Tropical Park, well worth a visit.


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