The Great English Breakfast

Britain is well known for many delicious meals but non is more famous than the Great English Breakfast.  Sometimes it appears as Brunch for those who can't face a major meal in the early morning.  Several cafes and restaurants serve an All Day Breakfast.  All the alternatives are based on the Great English Breakfast.

As a boy my mother always ensured that I had a cooked breakfast before setting off to school and I can tell you in the middle of winter and still in short trousers it was very welcome.  Only when married did the dash for work with a bowl of cornflakes and a cup of tea become the norm.

Now in my house the Great English Breakfast is a treat for visitors well enjoyed by people from Prague, Chile, France, Norway, Russia and many other places too numerous to mention.  Only occasionally do I get anywhere near a cooked breakfast these days as I look at my waist line.

The ingredients I use have to be the best. The porridge and meusli I make myself, a friend makes the bacon and the sausages for me, the eggs come from my own chickens and the marmalade, honey and preserves are all home made.  Unfortunately the good bitter Grapefruit is hard to find in France.

To start the breakfast   The Main Course   To finish if you still have room  
  Freshly squeezed juice    Bacon   Toast
  Grapefruit   Fried Eggs   Marmalade
A bit of roughage     Scrambled Eggs   Honey
Poached Eggs   Preserves
  Meusli   Mushrooms    
The Fish     Hash Browns    
  Grilled Kippers
Grilled Tomatoes    
Black Pudding    
  Herrings with Oatmeal
Grilled Tomatoes    
      Scotch Pancakes