Vienna Schnitzel

vienna schnitzel


  • 4 slices of loin of Veal
  • eggs spun
  • plain flour
  • oven dried white breadcrumbs
  • seasoning
  • butter to fry
  • lemon
  • mixed salad


  1. between two pieces of cling film beat the slices of veal until rounghly 7mm thick
  2. season to taste
  3. dip in plain flour until fully covered
  4. dip in eggs until fully covered
  5. dip in oven dried bread crumbs until fully covered
  6. deep fry in hot butter taking care that the butter doesn't burn, fry until golden brown
  7. serve immediately with a quarter of lemon and a mixed salad

Veal can be difficult to find in the UK but here in France it is available in every supermarket.

It can seem extravagant to use butter but it does make all the difference to this delicious dish which by the way doesn't originate in Austria but in Italy.