Marrow and Apple Jam

  4 lb Peeled Marrow
  1.5 lb Sour Apples
  2 oz  Root Ginger
  3.5 lb Sugar


Peel the marrow and cut into cubes.  Steam until tender.

Place the marrow in a basin and cover with the sugar and leave overnight.

Next day put the marrow and sugar into a preserving pan, add the apples (peeled and sliced) and the root ginger tied in a muslin bag.  Cook slowly until the marrow looks transparent and the liquid thickens.

This usually takes 45 to 60 minutes.

Take out the ginger and pour into jam jars and allow to coll.

Cover and store as for jam.

I found this very old hand made recipe book which my mother had put together.  The pages had been duplicated on a Roneo or Gestetner.  The cover had been hand decorated.