Shortbread 2


  12 oZ Plain Flour
  4 oz Butter
  2.5 oz Caster Sugar
  1 oz Corn Flour
  1 oz Ground Almonds

Cream the butter and the sugar and then add the Ground Almonds and a little of the flour. and cornflour working it in gradually  until it is all added.  This is best done in a food mixer.

Roll out on  floured board until half and inch thick and cut into rounds or fancy shapes.  Place on a greased  baking sheet for 30 mintes at 375F - 400F for 15 - 20 mins.

Allow to cool on a wire rack.

My mother soon gave up making these as I didn't like them.  I preferred anything with chocolate in or on it.  However, I have made them recently and enjoyed their plain taste.   Their enjoyment can be improved by a good malt whisky.  Dunk the biscuits in the Malt!