world recipes - pancakes
Ingredients 4 oz Plain Flour
  0.5 pint Milk
  0.5 tsp salt
  1 Egg


Not really a cake at all and the French would call it a crepe.  A pan fried batter which is used as the base of all sorts of delicious sweet courses and also served on Shrove Tuesday to eat up all the eggs etc. before Lent.

Using a liquidiser spin the milk, salt and egg.  On low speed add the flour spoon by spoon and then increase the speed to maximum and spin for one minute.

Allow to stand for 30 minutes and re-spin just before cooking.

Heat a good frying pan.  Put a knob of lard in the pan and heat until smoking.  Too much fat will spoil the pancake.  Ladle a quantity of mixture into the pan and turn the pan so that it just spreads evenly and thinly over the bottom of the pan.  Cook quickly until golden brown underneath and then toss the pancake, or turn it over with a spatula, and cook the other side.  Serve immediately.

All sorts of fillings can be used.  My mother served them plain with lemon juice or orange juice and sugar.  Rolled up like a swiss roll and cut into slices, the pancake is gone in seconds and you are waiting impatiently for another.  Children who have eaten this at my home have spread the pancakes with jam or Nutella (Nutty Chocolate Mixture).

Note the same recipe is used to make good Yorkshire Pudding.