White Sauce

Ingredients 1 cup water
  knob margarine or butter
  0.5 tsp Salt
  2 dsp Dried Milk
  3 dsp Plain Flour
    salt and pepper


You can use milk instead of water and dried milk.

Bring the butter to heat and stir in the flour.  Fry the flour for a little while but do not make it brown otherwise it will spoil the sauce.  Gradually stir in the milk.  Take off the heat and pour into a liquidiser adding the chopped parsley and salt and pepper to taste.

Adjust the seasoning and liquid content to suit.  For use with fish a good fish stock can be used otherwise for carrots a good vegetable stock but nothing too strong to spoil the flavour and colour of the sauce.

My mother always served carrots and fish with this White Sauce.  Even Christmas Pudding! but without the Parsley.  Add Brandy or Rum and you have an excellent accompaniment to the richness of the pudding.  Eventually my mother got the message that I did not particularly like the sauce, even with fish so it was eventually dropped from the menu.  However, as time has passed and childhood tortures fade away I occasionally make a white sauce.