Parsons Cough Mixture

Ingredients 1 oz Paregoric
  1 oz Chlorodine
  1 oz Laudanum
  40 drops Peppermint
  40 drops Aniseed
  8 oz dark treacle
  1 tps vinegar
  1 pint boiling water


Purchase from the Chemist the mixture of Paregoric, Chlorodine, Laudanum, Peppermint and Aniseed.  Note the mixture contains poison which if taken in large quantities can kill.  You will need quite a convincing reason to be able to purchase this and you might be asked to use alternatives.  However, there is nothing like the real thing.

Boil the water, treacle and the vinegar with the mixture from the Chemist.  Alow to simmer for a few minutes and cool.  When cool bottle and take one tablespoon at night and one during the day.

Do not exceed the daily dose.

This recipe came from Mr Terry Parsons who was the Deputy Town Clerk in Barnsley during part of my father's work there.  Living in a cold smokey house (by today's standards) we often got coughs and colds.  Parsons Cough Mixture came to the rescue whenever the cough persisted.  It usually worked and also gave a good night's sleep.  I know my mother had to sign the poisons register at the Chemist so I doubt if today it could be made.