Ginger Beer - alcoholic




  1. Place 1kg (2lb) of sugar and two pints of boiling water in the large pan. The sugar will dissolve.

  2. Add the juice of the four lemons to the pan.

  3. Strain the contents of the jar - the plant - through the cloth into the pan. See below for what is to be done with the solid portion of the plant.

  4. Add 14 pints of room temperature water.

  5. Stir and bottle. Fill the bottles about seven-eighths full as you need to allow for expansion. Squeeze the air out of the bottles to stop them exploding under pressure from their contents.

  6. Store the bottles in a safe place at room temperature, and leave for three to four weeks to 'brew'.

  7. Discard half of the solid from the plant or give it to someone so they may start their own. Place the remaining half in a clean jar with a pint of water and continue to feed as above.