The Memorial Recreation Ground

The Memorial Recreation Ground was given to the village and Lady Goodwin created a children's corner which exists to this day.  25 years ago Dr Garry Finnegan wanted to build a surgery on the land but under the deeds of gift the Clerk discovered that not only could the land not be built on but car parking on the area was also banned.  So the new surgery was built on Wilsons Field.

In the 80s the oblong bowling green was extended to form a square and later the Tennis Club was able to add a third court.

Both the Bowling Club and the Tennis Club must provide facilities for public use.

In the 80s the Farnsfield Playsafe Scheme headed by Steve Coyle, Deputy Headmaster at the Walter D'Ayncourt School raised a substantial sum of money to enable the old pre war equipment to be removed and replaced with modern and safer equipment with cushioned mats to prevent injury.  More recently the Council has spent money to completely revamp the area and in an attempt to prevent the area being used as a dogs toilet.

The vicar and churchwardens fund

The Jack Bullock Bequest

The Village Centre

Windmill Station Lane

Land area N of Ridgeway - trees

Southell Trail


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