The Acres

The Acres Recreation Ground

The Acres is land held on trust by the Parish Council for recreational purposes.  The Acres comprises the two football fields and small recreation area and the woodland area beyond.

Until around 1978 the land which is now a woodland was farmed but the then Clerk, Chris Wilkinson, perceived that this was in breach of the terms of the trust and that the Council was at risk of the land being taken back.  Various recreational projects were considered including the possibility that Southwell Rugby Club would re-locate to Farnsfield but, to the benefit of the Club, D W H Gascoine came to the rescue and land was provided in Southwell.  Eventually the Clerk brought forward the idea of having a wood with woodland walks and camping areas for the Scouts and Guides. 

With the help of a Probation Service initiative and Scouts thousands of trees were planted.

For the millenium Patrick Stevens took the lead and planted in most of the camping areas.

The wood is maturing but sadly it has attracted vandalism, fires and drinking.

Some people know it as Wilko's wood after the Clerk at the time.

The sports ground was once the home ground for Farnsfield Villa but is now little used.